Emelie celebrates Ijele with Acrylic

Emelie celebrates Ijele with Acrylic

My oh my! Some artists can be really different!! In a world ladden with specifics and specialization we seldom find people who are good in many things. For instance, not every painter is a sculptor, or better still, not every painter can paint everything.

This is because many a time they do have their areas of specialization. I’ve seen artists who can do portraits, but cannot do market scenarios, as well as those who can paint islands but never an abstract drummer! Emelie “Gbodoskybonez” Anyaegbunam does them all- everything from masquerade festivals to sea shores; He simply celebrates Ijele with Acrylic.

The LASPOTECH graduate is not just versatile but also believes in diligence. His works are enchanting, more like a beautiful and delicate woman, who ought to be handled with utmost care and meticule. As he puts it:
“Paints are like women, handle them with care then their beauty unfold. I’m a painter molester, a sroke romancer, a scene inventor, and the crazy son of a good man…sorry! I’m just saying I’m guilty, killing my every painting is my crime, and all my life I’m ready to do my time…ArtMental.”

His painting of the Ijele mask is highly astronomical. This is culture at its peak, and hardly the kind of art piece we come across everyday. Ijele happens to be a very massive mask which originated from Odawa village, Achalla, Anambra state. It is a mask believed to be suitable for a king.

He sometimes ventures into socio-political issues. One of his works speaks volumes of his distaste for the Fulani herdsmen war. Apart from painting, Emelie does beaded caps as well, adding every touch of professionalism to it.

He attended Prince Memorial High School and later Institute of Management and Technology. Married to Ifeanyi Agha Anyaegbunam, he currently lives in Onitsha.


Emelie celebrates Ijele Acrylic

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